Friday, December 26, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Week 3

I closed my eyes as I felt her sweep beside me. Her train was long. Her steps were as sure as her hatred. I took in a breath, hoping that it wasn’t going to be my last. The lights were bright through my eyelids, until suddenly they weren’t anymore. I opened my eyes, and saw that the room had gone entirely dark. I couldn’t see her anymore.

But she could see me.

I was above begging, wasn’t I?

You certainly are, idiot, said a voice inside my head that was not my own. My heartbeat quickened, but this time it was from relief instead of fear.

My brother had come to save me. 


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  1. Oh man, I love this! Super intense. I definitely want to know the circumstances and the characters ... dangit, who thought writing 100 words was a good idea? I WANT MORE! *cries*

  2. Telepathic siblings! What a great/bad idea! I mean, as much as I love my sister, I want her outside of my head :D I'm with Kat!e, I'm curious why lady-with-a-train is so ticked off!