Friday, March 27, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday: The Book of Things

Today's prompt was a text prompt:

"I think I've been dead since '98."

And my response:

I think I’ve been dead since ’98.

Oh, that was also the year I was born, actually. Keep forgetting that. The thing about dying and living at the same time is that it’s often hard to keep things straight, so I write most things in a little leather-bound notebook I keep on my person. Appropriately, it has “Things” embossed on the front. If you don’t mind, I’ll write your name in here—not that I’m calling you a “thing”, per see (humans get so touchy about labels. That observation, by the way, is Thing #24), but you’ll understand that it’s just to be concise. Alright? Good. 


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Ginny Romney -


  1. I am really curious about this book and the person who writes Things in it. It's such a defined voice and super interesting; me likey (she says intelligently.)

  2. Hmmmm, how curious that this thing (:D) is both alive and dead! I like the voice of this very talkative and observant character!