Friday, March 20, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - Butterfly Issues

Since I keep losing track of weeks, I decided to give up labeling them and call each week after the title of my story.

The winter had been long and dull, and this walk was my first since the blizzarding stopped. Suddenly, there came in the sky a butterfly, blue and black and beautiful. I chased it through the wood, never caring about where it was taking me or why.

It found a house and darted inside—I followed suit. The hallway was filled with hundreds of butterflies, all nestling on the walls. They seemed to sense that there was a foreign thing among them. Suddenly, they all left their wall in a tornado of color. They smothered me.

I died. Not for the first time, and probably not for the last—but may I just say, it was the prettiest death I’ve ever died. 

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  1. What a way to go. I can send my legion of butterflies after you if you like.

  2. " was the prettiest death I've ever died." - that sentence, I like it :) I don't suppose there are many deaths as pretty as death by butterflies.